Lizbeth the Lioness Recurring Characters 2

More recurring characters of Lizbeth the Lioness.

Shane- a new student who transfer to another school and is often quiet. I plan to have him appear future strips.

Rose- Racheal’s classmate and she’s usually keep to herself.

Sid- a student in Lizbeth’s school. Like, Scarlet Red, he bullies the other students.

Rachel- Joe’s sister, unlike Joe, she’s more optimistic and sweet.

Lizbeth the Lioness recurring characters

Here are a few recurring characters that will show in Lizbeth the Lioness is going to be a season, but not animated, just in illustrated form.

Josh is the laid-back one and friends with Becky.

Becky is the cheerleader and has a crush on Joe.

Deja is the tall one and she is chill with almost everybody.

LTL main cast


The main cast of the Lizbeth the Lioness series.

Lizbeth Tuckerson, the upbeat, social, and optimistic girl.

Adam Matts, friendly and talktive. He likes to follow Lizbeth around.

Joe Parks, careless, calm, and quiet.

Scarlet Red, mean, selfish, tough, careless, and spoiled. She’s the main bully in the comic.

Charles Smith mean, careless but shy. He’s Scarlet’s friends/follower.