College Portfolio

Lizbeth the Lioness (2020)

A short family-friendly comic about a young lioness named Lizbeth Tuckerson who transfer to a new school where she meets her first friends Adam and Joe.

Greeting card (2020)

A senior project of a winter greeting card.

Dog Park (2021)

An animatic about two dogs playing at the park.

Internship Project (2021)

An illustration project of senior students talking about their experience about Visual Communication.

Calendar 2021 Project (2021)

A senior project showcasing the 2021 calendar in a comic/pop-art style.

Tammy Jean (2021)

A gag comic about centered around a 13 year girl named Tammy Jean and her family. This comic is based on the classic comic strip like Peanuts, Garfield, and The Boondocks.

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