One year of Tammy Jean

Been a year since I released the Tammy Jean comic.

Tammy Jean started off as a senior project I did in college. The comic was inspired by the classic comics like Peanuts, The Boondocks, and The Adam Family. After completing six strips and gotten positive feedback from my professors I decided to continue the comic since the first comic I created centered on a family.

However, while working and developing on the comic I had a hard time coming up with funny gags.

Lately I reading classic comics again to novitiate myself into hopefully creating funny comics. Thanks for reading and enjoy Tammy Jean. I hope to keeping continuing the comic in the future.

Author: Nia Anglade

I'm a Haitian cartoonist/illustrator/ comic artist who loves to draw, cartoons, anime and reading. My main hobbies are animating and writing.

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